The logyclab monitoring unit analyses cooling lubricants and other industrial fluids.

The digital measuring device logyclab allows essential analyses of cooling lubricants and other fluids in machining processes to be carried out automatically. Irrespective of the brand and manufacturer of the liquids, it can determine their condition and measure the pH value, conductivity or concentration of cooling lubricants, for example. All measurement data is transferred to internal or external databases and is available for further analysis.

Benefit from automated analyses directly at the machine.

Both components of logyclab – an analysis unit and a measuring unit – are installed directly on the machine. The measuring unit is directly connected to the liquid circuit via a bypass. Constantly overflowed by fluid, the sensors of the flow cell measure the current characteristic data and transmit them to the logyclab SPU for further processing.

Configure logyclab individually and independently according to your needs.

As a user, you can individually configure the logyclab monitoring unit for your fluid management. The control unit can be set to the respective analyses required and communicates either directly with the machine or via LAN or wireless LAN with external databases. The benefits are significant: without the need for manual measurements, you can see the current condition of the cooling lubricants and fluids used at any time.

The benefits at a glance

  • Control unit for automated analyses of cooling lubricants, hydraulic fluids and other industrial fluids in metal cutting production
  • Compatible with all commonly available cooling lubricants
  • Installation directly on the machine
  • Replaces or supplements manual measurements of process media on site
  • Freely configurable
  • Direct networking with internal or external databases via LAN or wireless LAN
  • Direct visualisation of the measured data in the logyclab software


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