Oemeta NOVAMET and ESTRAMET are ideal for the production of components for electromobility.

As an established partner to OEM suppliers and a specialist in the industrial lubricants sector, Oemeta has the expertise to provide agile support for structural change. Whether mineral oil-free GTL or ester oils, oil-free MWFs or complete process chain solutions for fluid circuits – Oemeta offers customers the very latest technologies from a single source.

Electric, hybrid, fuel cell, biogas and other drive systems.

Much of the discussion about urban mobility revolves around e-cars – but that's only one aspect of current developments in mobility. The optimisation of public transport is based on sustainable drive systems (electric, hybrid, fuel cell, biogas and others). Only individual interfaces (e-scooters, e-bikes, sharing providers, etc.) offer a way of sustainably implementing an infrastructure that combines individual needs with public systems.


The focus is on accuracy and low manufacturing tolerances.

The production of components for electromobility does not require any major technological innovation, but the requirements in terms of accuracy and manufacturing tolerances are constantly increasing, so all productive process media in manufacturing are increasingly influential factors. The products of the NOVAMET and ESTRAMET series combine excellent run-off and cleanliness with very high performance and therefore extended tool life. Increasing efficiency counteracts the current price trend, ultimately saving costs!

Cooling lubricants are rarely regarded as part of the core process in machining.

A modern tool can potentially enable or optimise a process, but the right cooling lubricant can extend tool life, minimise effort, ensure occupational safety and save costs. With its tried-and-tested products, Oemeta demonstrates with numerous customers that this also contributes to sustainability without sacrificing efficiency.

At Oemeta, renewable raw materials, carbon footprint and occupational safety are key issues associated with modern cooling lubricants and their development.

And if new materials or technologically visionary approaches do emerge where fresh solutions are needed, either a product from our existing portfolio will do the job or Oemeta develops a new technology in close partnership with the user and potential stakeholders such as universities or research institutes.

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