Oemeta control additives get the best out of Oemeta cooling lubricants.

In order to make the best possible use of the properties of Oemeta cooling lubricants, we recommend selective use of an additive if required. This is because external factors and chip discharge can cause the loss of certain ingredients. Control additives return the property parameters of the emulsion or machining oil back to the optimum range. This ensures a sound performance and machining result, as well as extending the service life of the cooling lubricant.

ADDI-PROX: control additives for maintenance and specific property adjustment.

These are ideally matched to the Oemeta cooling lubricants.

  • Anti-foaming agents:
    Applicable in case of sudden foaming or as long-term agent in the event of unfavourable water qualities.
  • Emulsifiers/wetting agents:
    These additives improve washability and filtration. Also suitable for stabilising the emulsion. 
  • Corrosion protection:
    To ensure corrosion protection in the machine and on the components.
  • Microbiocides:
    Fungicides to combat emerging fungal growth and bactericides to combat bacterial infestation. All-purpose biocides are suitable for preconservation in case of acute problems.
  • Lubricating performance:
    For restoring or improving the lubricating performance in the event of increased requirements.
  • System cleaners:
    For cleaning and conservation of the machine before a new filling.

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