Reporting Tools – trend and element reports for cooling lubricants and other industrial fluids.

logyc Reporting provides fluid management with structure. Available in two options, these digital templates allow the recording of measurement information, any irregularities are highlighted, and employees can share the data with key personnel easily.


,Trend' is a detailed digital dashboard that displays the machine‘s coolant status. Performed by an Oemeta technician, readings such as concentration and microbiology are shown, along with recent historic information, enabling both the current and longer-term conditions to be highlighted. As the name “Trend“ suggests, users can pick up on machine fluids that are repeatedly out of spec, this may be a one-off, quick fix, but it can also be the first indication that there may be other underlying issues – including fluid leaks, sediment build-up etc.


,Element' is a digital dashboard for inputting basic coolant readings. Once data is input, concentration issues, and corrective instructions are automatically displayed allowing for easy maintenance. Oemeta supplies the report to users of its fluids so checks can be performed by employees at a time convenient to the business.

The benefits of the Reporting Tools at a glance.

  • Auditable records
  • Steps towards H&S compliance
  • Customised and sharable
  • Easy to manage records
  • Proactive management
  • Keep coolant-related costs down

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