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Product Benchmarking

Try Oemeta’s free service to discover how your coolant stacks up, and whether there is a better solution.

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  • No unnecessary disruption or cost to your business

  • Offering the option to improve in your desired key areas

  • Industry-standard testing on operational fluids

  • Performed by laboratory experts

  • Recommendations of suitable Oemeta fluids

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Oil Separator MG-5404
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Oil Separator MG-5404

See for yourself how effective the mobile oil separator is. If you’re looking to keep your coolant free of tramp oil, then there is nothing to lose with this offer.

What’s included
  • FREE 10-day trial of the Oil Separator

  • No obligation to buy afterward

  • Dropped off at your site and set up by Oemeta free of charge

  • Taken away by Oemeta at the end of the trial period

  • Training provided on delivery

  • Turn it on and watch it get straight to work

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Voucher for water and coolant analysis
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Free Fluid Analysis for One Coolant and One Water Sample

Knowledge is power, and by running an analysis on your fluids you can learn a lot about them. Find out if your water or coolant contains contaminants. Learn what you can do to help make improvements, or simply find out more about how our lab testing process works.


What you get
  • Suitability of the preparation water for coolant

  • Check the state of the cutting fluid emulsion and discover reasons for issues

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