Service and specialist support relating to Oemeta cooling lubricants.

We understand that it is difficult to have in-depth knowledge about every single element on your shop floor. Therefore, as “the coolant people”, we offer our specialist advice and support to all our customers. In addition, we offer supplementary service options which you can find details of below:


H&S Guidance for Metalworking Fluids

As stated by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), it is the responsibility of both employers and employees to make sure the risks to individuals’ health from metalworking fluids are properly controlled. As an employer, the legal requirements are:

  • Assess any health risks and decide on what precautions are needed for employees

  • Communicate the health risks and precautions to employees

  • Prevent employee exposure to hazardous substances, or ensure exposure is adequately controlled

  • Ensure control measures/safety procedures are followed, checked, and maintained

  • Monitor employee exposure and carry out health surveillance where necessary

  • Train employees on control measures and any required personal protective equipment (PPE)

Oemeta can help with all elements of health and safety. Not only are the H&S guidelines considered in product development, but this continues through our technical support, product testing, monitoring, and reporting, as well as our training options.


Relevant and tailored training options – from a simple how-to to in-depth structured sessions. You let us know what you want to achieve, and we’ll deliver it. Training is provided by an experienced Oemeta technician and is suitable for any employee who comes across metalworking fluid in the course of their work. All training is H&S compliant and can improve efficiency in the workplace.

Microbiology Testing

In line with the HSE’s “Metalworking 5” guidelines, companies are required to carry out regular testing. We offer a fully managed service, encompassing both one-off and routine checks. In addition, we provide:

  • A HSE auditable report held on and off-site

  • Technical advice on prevention and treatment

  • No hazardous chemicals kept on your premises

  • A regular testing program managed by us

By demonstrating that control measures are in place, HSE may recommend reducing the testing frequency.

Industrial Machine Cleaning

Our experienced team offers professional and efficient machine cleaning, with as little disruption to your production as possible. We perform a site survey and discuss your requirements before a no-obligation proposal and quotation is put forward. Once the cleaning is complete, machines can be used straight away.

Other benefits include:

  • Performed at a time to suit you

  • Spotless clean

  • Improve process stability

  • Waste managed offsite

  • Reduced maintenance problems

  • Reduce potential operator health issues

Equipment Maintenance

Have your Oemeta-supplied equipment serviced and cleaned by our professionals who will have them running like new.

  • Full unit health-checks

  • Vital parts replaced

  • Removal of all dirt and oil

  • Save time on maintenance tasks

Coolant Reporting Tools, logyc

Follow this link to find out more about Oemeta’s Reporting Tools, logyc.

Anti-Misting Solutions

In line with CoSHH Regulations, misting is a subject that requires specific attention to reduce the impact on individuals working closely with cutting fluids and oils. Fluids can evaporate and become airborne, causing harmful misting in a workshop environment.

Oemeta has a range of solutions that minimise misting, including mist extractors/LEVs and fluids. The fluid products are synthetic ester oils that have very high flash points and excellent lubricity.  These include fluids from our OEMETOL GT Oils, ESTRAMET, and HYCUT ranges. Click on the links for more information.

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Mist Extractor

If you have individual enquiries or requests for information regarding our products and support, you can reach our team at: