Mixers for Oemeta cooling lubricants.

Reduce cost and improve process stability by using specialist equipment to transfer and blend your machining fluids. Other benefits include minimising human contact, mixing errors, spillages, and environmental impact.  

Oemeta Mix

Single Mixer HI-D3RE5/HI-D3RE10

This unit will accurately dose liquid additives proportionately into the water using water flow as its only power source.

  • Consistent and accurate dosing of liquid additives irrespective of water pressure fluctuations

  • No electric power is required

  • Various dose rates available

  • Mixed solution supplied on demand

  • Prevents spills - cleaner working

  • Controlled consumption reduces the cost

Equipment-mix for twin-mixers
Oemeta Mix

Twin Mixers HI-D3RE5/HI-D3RE10

This twin mixing system is for use with Oemeta 2-component coolant range, HYCUT. The system is available in different concentration ranges and can be adapted to your specific fluid requirements.


In addition to all the Oemeta Mix Single Mixer benefits:

  • Simultaneously and accurately mix 2 solutions into water

  • Comes with a backing board for secure positioning

Equipment-mix for venturi-mixer-nia-900
Oemeta Mix

Venturi Mixer NIA-900

A compact single mixer with variable concentration control for your mixing requirements.

  • Low cost

  • Flexible

  • Drum mounted – simply attach to the barrel

Equipment-mix for mixer-mg-902
Oemeta Mix

Mixer MG-902/MG-602

Digital mixers are used where the same emulsion is required for different machines. The emulsion is pumped without spillage to individual consumers. Distances of 400 m and delivery heads of 30 m are possible.

  • Long-reach mixing station
  • Precise digital mixing at 1500 litres per hour
  • Reduce the chance of spillage
  • Inbuilt Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (MG2301AA)
  • Works in accordance with Category 5 UK Water Regulations
  • Optional wall bracket (MG902) or collection tank with stand (MG602)
Oemeta Mix

Mixer MG-106 200L/MG-108 20L

This mixing device is both compact and capable of mixing a wide range of concentrations. This mixer is ideal for filling individual machines or tanks.

  • Compact design
  • Concentrations range from 0-10%
  • Easy attachment to drums
  • Fine regulation valve with zero shut-off
  • Comes with fittings, discharge hose, and ball valve
  • 1.500 litres per hour at a flow pressure of 1.5-10 bar
Oemeta Mix

Pallet Mixing Station MG-1501-0210-3509

The ideal solution for mobile spillage-free emulsion transportation. Pallet mixing station with a mini venturi mixer and optional integrated Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (MG2301AA).

  • Easily transport fluid containers around the workshop

  • Mix and transfer fluids on demand

  • Robust steel construction

  • Gridded trolley catches spillages helping to maintain a clean working environment

  • Inclusion of the optional Oemeta Mix Backflow Preventer (MG2301AA) prevents contaminating water sources

If you have individual enquiries or requests for information regarding our products and support, you can reach our team at: infouk@oemeta.com.