Our contribution to the safe and legally compliant use of our products.

As part of the R&D department, the EHS team is responsible for legal compliance in international product marketing. This highly qualified team is made up of three chemists who hold doctorates and two assistants: they work closely with management on strategic issues.

We meet the constantly increasing challenges by means of regular training and close collaboration with associations and external experts so as to be able to meet current national and international statutory requirements at all times.


We have a key role to play in the safe and legally compliant use of our products in over 50 countries. The use of modern IT tools helps create safety data sheets and container labels as well as enabling the necessary product notifications to be carried out in the EU. We conduct training courses on both general basics and specific issues, with a particular focus on customer orientation. The EHS team also makes a major contribution to the development of innovative technologies, for example by ensuring the legal compliance of new raw materials.