Worldwide availability through our partner and distribution network.

Our cooling lubricants come from northern Germany – but our customers are spread all over the world. We are represented internationally with seven subsidiaries and over 30 sales partners: that’s because we strongly believe our customers should benefit directly on site from consistently assured product quality, maximum availability and the very best customer service.

Tank depots under a cloudy sky

Production in Germany, USA and China.

We manufacture our cooling lubricants for worldwide distribution at our production facility at our headquarters in Uetersen. Here, a modern process control system ensures a high level of efficiency in production and the consistent quality of our products. Products for the regional market are manufactured according to the same standards at our production sites in Wuhan (China) and Salt Lake City (USA).

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Reliable worldwide logistics handling.

As far as we’re concerned, speed is not just something you talk about. Within Germany, we deliver in a short space of time through our excellent logistics partners. For worldwide delivery we use professional logistics handling. By keeping our products in stock on an ongoing basis, we enable availability that offers customers a great deal of security – even in the case of unexpected production needs.


Global Headquarter

Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH

Ossenpadd 54
25436 Uetersen

T +49 4122 - 924 - 0
F +49 4122 - 924 - 150
E info(at)

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Factory and office buildings from above
Factory and office buildings from above
Tank depots under a cloudy sky
Factory and office buildings from above
Factory and office buildings from above
Tank depots under a cloudy sky

Subsidiary China

Oemeta (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.

Tangxun-lake Industrial Park
Miaoshan Economic Development Zone
Jiangxia District
Hubei, 430223

T +86 27 - 818 - 009 - 11
F +86 27 - 818 - 009 - 10
E info(at)

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Flag of China
United Kingdom

Subsidiary UK

Oemeta (UK) Limited

Bramley House
39 Main Road
Middleton Cheney
Oxon, OX17 2ND
​​​​​​​United Kingdom

T +44 295 713 280
F +44 295 713 641
E salesuk(at)

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Flag of UK

Subsidiary United States

Oemeta Inc.

5655 West 610 South
Salt Lake City, UT 84104

T +1 801 - 953 - 0134
F +1 801 - 953 - 0446
E csrusa(at)

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Flag of USA

Subsidiary Canada

Oemeta Canada

265 Ingersoll Street S, Unit B
Ingersoll, ON N5C 3J7

T +519-485-1800
M ocaorders(at)

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Flag of Canada

Subsidiary Poland

Oemeta Polska Sp. z o.o.

Ul. Łąkowa 44
62-080 Tarnowo Podgórne

T +48 71 343 30 82
E biuro(at)

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Flag of Poland

Subsidiary India

Oemeta India Pvt. Ltd. 

c/o Roedl and Partner
Lunkad sky cruise – wing B
Viman nagar 
Pune 411014

E info(at)

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Flag of India
Czech Republic

Subsidiary Czech Republic

Oemeta CR s.r.o.

Jana Babáka 11
612 00 Brno
Czech Republic

T +420 778 075 487
M +420 778 057 587 (CR)
M +421 911 181 520 (SR)
E info(at)

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Flag of Czech Republic

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