We get actively involved and are prepared to be judged by the highest standards

At Oemeta, we attach importance to being certified by external organisations and represented on working committees and associations. We’re prepared to be judged by the highest standards as this allows us to demonstrate our capabilities. The following certificates, seals and working committee memberships reflect our commitment to a wide range of issues relevant to our business. Based on reliable quality management, we ensure the consistently high quality of our products and services (ISO 9001:2015). We also embrace a defined environmental policy and incorporate environmental aspects in our business decisions (ISO 14001:2015).  

Working committees


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Working body Name Function in committee Link
AK medical technology of the VDMA Hinrich Voß Member Learn more
Professional association wood and metal - project group for the revision of the DGUV rule 109-003 Stefan Joksch Member Learn more
DGM  German Society for Materials Science - FA Titan Stefan Joksch Member Learn more
DIN – FAM Technical committee for mineral oil and fuel standardization Jens Eckelmann Member Learn more
Industry Working Group Powertrain Pascal Schubring Member Learn more
Industrial Working Group on Titan, PTW, TU-Darmstadt Pascal Schubring Member Learn more
Manufacturing Innovations Network MIN Stefan Joksch Board member Learn more
NAK 51485 & 51385 des DIN-FAM technical committee Stefan Joksch Umpire -
Uniti Additiv commitee Frank Süßmilch Member Learn more
Uniti Schmierstoff commitee Thomas Vester Member Learn more
VDI - FA  110 „cooling lubricants“ Stefan Joksch Chairperson -
VKIS-VSI-IGM-BGHM-Substance list for cooling lubricants according to DIN 51385 for metalworking Stefan Joksch Member Learn more
VSI Stefan Joksch Board Learn more
VSI/TSA   =  Technical Expert Committee Stefan Joksch Member -
WZL of the RWTH-Aachen University - Industry AK  (IAK)  cooling lubricant technology Stefan Joksch Member Learn more


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