Our Company Carbon Footprint

Oemeta is actively and continuously committed to environmental protection and sustainability. Accounting for the Company Carbon Footprint is an essential part of our sustainability strategy. Find out more on this page about our efforts to further reduce our environmental footprint and make a positive change in the world.

What is the Company Carbon Footprint?

By calculating the Company Carbon Footprint (CCF), it is possible for a company to determine how many greenhouse gases - converted into CO2 equivalents - are emitted by its own business activities.

A balance sheet is drawn up to identify high-emission business areas, derive specific savings potential and develop measures to sustainably reduce a company's CO2 emissions.

By repeating the CCF calculations annually, the development of CO2 emissions can be identified so that countermeasures can be taken if CO2 emissions increase in certain areas or measures do not have the expected effect. Oemeta's goal is to reduce the CCF by 5.0% annually over the next few years through its own measures.

Selection of previous measures to reduce our CCF:

  • Green electricity: Procurement of certified and renewable energy.
  • Lighting: Replacing old light sources with LED lamps in offices, corridors, outdoor areas as well as production halls and warehouses.
  • Self-generated electricity: Installation of a PV system with an output of 99.96 kWpeak.
  • Building air conditioning: Utilization of the heat pump operation of the existing air conditioning systems to effectively heat the buildings with green electricity instead of gas heating systems. 
  • Internal consumption: Internal consumables (e.g. paper), production consumables, fuel, heat, electricity and water have been steadily reduced through effective handling.
  • E-Mobility: Gradual conversion of the company fleet to e-vehicles and leasing offers for e-bikes.
  • Further measures: For example, reducing waste, optimizing production processes with regard to energy efficiency and travel plans that take CO2 emissions into account.

Oemeta CCF 2023

CCF comparison (absolute)

Compared to the 2019 CCF calculation, CO2 emissions were reduced by around 367 tons or 34.2% in 2023.


Thus, Oemetas Company's Carbon Footprint in 2023 amounted to a CO2 emissions of 706 tons.

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