Code of Conduct (CoC)

We, Oemeta, are committed to social responsibility as part of our entrepreneurial activity and work actively to ensure that the values and principles listed below are observed and adhered to.

Scope of application:
This CoC applies to all employees of the corporate group worldwide.
We pledge to promote compliance with the contents of this CoC also at our suppliers and in the further value chain within the scope of our respective possibilities.
This also means that we ensure that potential risks, such as e.g. modern slavery or human trafficking, are excluded along the value chain.


Compliance and business ethics:

We comply with applicable laws and other legal provisions. This applies worldwide in all countries in which we operate.
Our actions are based on generally applicable ethical values and principles, in particular

  • Respect for human dignity
  • Openness and non-discrimination based on different religions, world views, disabilities, age, gender and ethnic origin, appearance
  • Prohibition of corruption and bribery, i.e. no offering or granting of unlawful advantages and no demanding and accepting of unauthorised benefits
  • Business-compliant action in accordance with the applicable cartel and competition law and in compliance with the prohibition of unauthorised agreements with third parties
  • Minimizing conflicts of interest; we respect the individual interests of our employees and colleagues. At the same time we value any effort to avoid conflicts between private and business interests. We base decisions on factual criteria and limit impact of personal interest and relationship.
    In case of a potential conflict it would mean the employee informs his/her superior or HR to find a mutual resolution that does not impact the interests of the company.
    You have to qualify quotes for a raw material and one of the better quotes is from an acquaintance of yours. In this case you inform your superior and refrain from the process to avoid a conflict of interest.
  • Protection and respect of intellectual property of any kind, i.e. not only protection of our own intellectual property such as patents, trademarks, designs and trade secrets but also respect for the intellectual property and trade secrets of our business partners
  • Compliance with the relevant laws relating to personal data (e.g. DSGVO for Germany or GDPR (engl.), RGPD (fr.)

Basic rights of the employees:

We respect the privacy and personal rights of every single employee.

We protect our employees from physical, sexual, psychological or verbal harassment and abuse.

We advocate a ban on all types of forced labour.

It is imperative for us to comply with the protective rights of children and young people (prohibition of child labour).

It is part of our corporate policy to ensure appropriate remuneration and to comply with applicable national regulations (e.g. minimum wage).

It is our pursuit to comply with the maximum working hours laid down by law in the respective countries.

We respect the right of employees to freedom of association and assembly to the extent legally permissible and possible in the respective countries.

If not already mentioned in detail above, we would like to point out that Oemeta acts in accordance with the basic principles of the ILO core labour standards.

Responsibility for people and nature

Our guiding principle is to act in an environmentally conscious manner at all locations.  

We see no contradiction in modern chemistry, high economic efficiency, top quality and environmentally friendly and sustainable production and sustainable use of resources.

Our cooling lubricants are characterised by a very high level of human and environmental compatibility.     
The long service life and high performance of our products reduces consumption and disposal volumes.

We source a large part of our raw materials from renewable resources.
Our waste water is treated using modern systems.

Our company has been using environmentally friendly electricity from renewable energy sources for years.

Our quality management is certified in accordance with the QM DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 standard.
Our environmental management is certified in accordance with the UM DIN EN ISO 14001:2015 standard.

We were the first chemical company in Schleswig Holstein to be awarded the BG seal of approval “Safe with a system” for our high level of occupational safety.

For more information on the topic of “Responsibility for people and nature”, we refer to the detailed description in our “Principles of sustainability”.

Implementation and enforcement

We make all appropriate and reasonable efforts to implement and apply the principles and values described.
An evaluation and assessment of the principles is part of our annual “Management Review”.

August,  14th  2020
Oemeta Chemische Werke GmbH