Established to bring innovative German fluid concepts to the US market.

Oemeta is a 105-year old, third-generation family owned and managed company with products renowned for their high quality and reliability. Our focus on water-based cooling lubricants and application expertise makes us a leading specialist in the field.

The coolants that Oemeta makes are mix of conventional products such as our Unimet AS 260 all the way to our innovative family of two component coolants called HYCUT. All these products, while different in overall design, effectively represent our driving goals in the market of environmentally friendly, stable and cost-effective coolants. They can help reduce consumption, lower disposal, increase tool life, and save your company time and money.

However, the innovative products that we manufacture do not tell the whole story alone. These products are created, produced, and supported by a group of professionals that are always striving for better. Oemeta prides itself on helping the customer to not only choose the right products for the applications to start, but in also supporting them as their needs change. With new materials, new applications and new industry standards presenting themselves all the time there will always be the need for support from people who know the products better than anyone, coolant people.

Oemeta, the coolant people.
Metalworking coolants from specialists for specialists.

Top products for all applications and machining materials.

Outstanding lubrication performance and low consumption combined with very good compatibility – these are the demands of industry and at the same time the strengths of Oemeta cooling lubricants. Whether a product is required for machining or non-machining production, Oemeta supplies top-quality products for all applications and machining materials. Its focus on water-miscible cooling lubricants and its broad application know-how have made Oemeta the technology leader in this specialised field.


Lubricants developed on an ongoing basis to meet the most rigorous demands.

High quality and reliability are the hallmarks of our products, which are mostly created through close proximity to the market and close customer contacts. We meet increasing market demands through constant research and further development of our products. All cooling lubricants made by Oemeta are free of chlorine, nitrite and secondary amines, so they comply with the specifications of TRGS 611. Their excellent lubrication performance properties ensure low tool wear and high cutting speeds.


Market-shaping innovations for numerous industries.

Products developed by Oemeta have consistently become the industry standard. Inventions such as the two-component cooling lubricant and the multifunctional oil sustainably improve the processes used by renowned manufacturers in the automotive and metalworking industries, thereby reducing costs.

With subsidiaries in China, USA, Canada, the UK, Poland, Czech Republic and India as well as sales partners in more than 30 countries, Oemeta is well positioned internationally.


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