Oemeta cooling lubricants meet the high demands of medical technology.

Oemeta has longstanding experience of cooling lubricant applications in medical technology. The result is a specialised product portfolio that includes oil-free and oil-containing products as well as cleaners, covering the entire process chain in metal, glass or ceramic processing.

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Individual developments with our customers.

The technological and regulatory requirements of the medical industry are exceptionally rigorous since the manufactured parts are intended to remain in the human body for up to several years, depending on the application. A wide variety of materials are used for this purpose, some of which are new, and their processing can be extremely complex. Oemeta offers exactly the right solutions to meet these requirements.

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Regulatory requirements and compliance.

On the regulatory side, there are important aspects to be taken into account such as human compatibility, regulated ingredients with regard to the environment, biocompatibility and much more besides. Here, complete documentation has a key role to play in implementing compliance. Oemeta is always available as an expert and partner on all issues relating to compliance implementation.

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Documentation on cooling lubricant parameters.

The auditing requirements in medical technology are very extensive. Here, Oemeta provides support with customer-specific data documentation on all cooling lubricant parameters that are necessary for compliance with the documentation requirement according to ISO 13485 (Medical Devices – Quality Management System).

This includes data from the Oemeta product portfolio, which is qualified as “non-cytotoxic” according to the DIN-EN 10993-5 standard.

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Economic efficiency

Industry-specific product portfolio.

The product portfolio developed for medical technology includes oil-free and oil-containing products as well as cleaners, thereby covering the entire process chain for metal, glass and ceramic processing. The economic efficiency of Oemeta cooling lubricants is ensured due to the fact that they cut tool and operating costs as well as reducing downtimes. The focus is on continuous and holistic process optimisation and stabilisation.

Oemeta is committed to sustainability.

The issue of sustainability is also something Oemeta attaches great importance to. Oemeta structures the full range of sustainability aspects into three dimensions (ecological, economic and social) and gears implementation towards the 17 UN goals. Of course it is not possible to aim to achieve all goals in connection with the application of process materials, only specific ones which can be pursued more closely. Oemeta follows a CCF (Company Carbon Footprint) concept. This gives rise to further sustainability goals that are reflected in Oemeta’s strategy.


Exemplary measures and results:

  • 60 % of base oils are produced from renewable resources
  • HYCUT products are up to 78% bio-based
  • Electricity is generated from renewable energy sources
  • Wastewater is treated using modern systems
  • Oemeta is certified in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001
  • Oemeta has been awarded the BG seal of quality Sicher mit System

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