Press release

GLIMS is about using Big Data to optimise the worldwide development, production and application of cooling lubricants.

The following project is supported by the European Union under the European Regional Development Fund.

A large amount of analytical data is generated in the development, production, quality control and application monitoring of cooling lubricants. Today, these data are mostly managed on a decentralised basis in data acquisition systems (LIMS) based in the various laboratories at different sites. Correlation of data from these various sources is possible, but it involves enormous effort and data discontinuity, and therefore a high risk of error.

Oemeta is taking the step of introducing a global LIMS for all sites with analytical laboratories. This will make it possible to compare all product-specific and application-specific data at any time, anywhere. In addition, GLIMS offers the possibility of largely digitalising Oemeta’s laboratories as well as monitoring the products applied by customers*.

GLIMS will enable Oemeta to develop products more quickly, more reliably and in a more targeted manner in the future, thereby ensuring quality, providing technical service and solving customers’ problems. All of this will strengthen Oemeta’s competitiveness and ensure its lasting market success.

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