The production process as the key to greater sustainability.

Oemeta has always aspired to offer products and solutions that combine a high level of environmental and human compatibility with the greatest possible performance efficiency: this is the only effective way to achieve economic and ecological sustainability. In addition to offering an extensive range of products for sustainable production, Oemeta also has experienced engineers who are available to advise our customers on how to ensure optimum integration of the appropriate concepts into production.

New requirements for the purchase and use of operating materials.

Anyone involved in the production of goods today cannot avoid the question of whether their operations meet sustainability criteria. Even the purchase and use of operating materials such as cooling lubricants (MWFs) can determine whether a production process is sustainable.

As a specialist in high-performance cooling lubricants, we conduct our business from the perspective of sustainability, in particular environmental protection, employee protection and resource conservation, and we are a responsible partner to manufacturing companies worldwide.

The UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals as a benchmark for our business.

Oemeta’s aspiration is to ensure that all measures and technologies are state of the art and contribute to achieving the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Oemeta breaks down the various aspects of sustainability into three dimensions and bases their implementation on the 17 UN goals. Naturally, it is not possible to move towards all targets in the application of process materials, there are only certain ones that we can focus on more precisely.


These are the three dimensions we focus on:

The ecological dimension

  • Development of climate-neutral cooling lubricants (60% of base oils from renewable resources)
  • Electricity from renewable energy sources (improvement of the CO2 footprint due to such measures as company cars powered by electricity, more sustainable customer production processes, improvement of environmental and human compatibility)
  • Certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001

The economic dimension

  • Sustainability optimisation of customers’ production processes, e.g. based on minimisation of consumption (due to improved run-off), waste (through recyclability) and energy, as well as partnerships to promote sustainability (such as filtration)
  • Strengthening the resilience of the company through internationalisation in all core markets of metalworking

The social dimension

  • Establishment of a company health management system at Oemeta
  • Optimisation of OAG knowledge management
  • Regional support (e.g. through fundraising)
  • Development and promotion of products with good human compatibility
  • Awarded the BG seal of quality Sicher mit System

Ideas and measures to promote sustainability.

CNC milling machine and cooling lubricant in use

Glycerine-based cooling lubricants.

Glycerine is a renewable raw material that many people are familiar with from its use as a moisturiser in cosmetic products. Furthermore, glycerine has interesting tribological properties and is also of great interest as a raw material for cooling lubricants.

Oemeta has found a way to make use of the positive properties of this substance and do without the chemistry of mineral oil.
Cooling lubricant cleaning cycle

Recycling of cleaned machining oils.

In many companies, machining oils are cleaned off using aqueous component cleaners. The machining oil is removed from the cleaner using separator systems and disposed of.

With a system of machining oil, cleaner and post-control additive, the separated oil can be reused without compromising quality, thereby reducing resource consumption and waste.

We are fully dedicated to ensuring economic, efficient and eco-friendly production processes.

What is it that makes Oemeta a valuable partner in connection with sustainable production processes? A look into the past demonstrates that the idea of sustainability was at the core of Oemeta’s corporate strategy long before the word itself came into use. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, suggestions or ideas.

Oldest first
Newest first
Water-miscible cooling lubricant sprays out of a nozzle


In 2019, Oemeta launched a new water-miscible cooling lubricant. ESTRAMET S 77 is a cooling lubricant made from synthetic ester oils which forms a translucent emulsion when mixed in water. This newly developed product can be used from a concentration of 3.5 per cent, reducing consumption compared to comparable high-performance cooling lubricants. Up to 50 per cent of concentrate can be saved on new fillings and refills.nsatz und beim Nachfüllen kann bis zu 50 Prozent Konzentrat eingespart werden.
Water-miscible cooling lubricants
Cutting and grinding oils for machining

Gas-to-liquids/GTL oils

This product group is an effective answer to the increasing requirements of the demanding grinding and machining processes of the future. Oemeta’s new cutting and grinding oils are based on the latest generation of oils. The so-called gas-to-liquid or “GTL” process is used to obtain very pure, synthetic base oils from natural gas. These are free of organic nitrogen, heavy metals, zinc and chlorine compounds.
Neat Cutting and grinding oils

Development of products based on re-raffinates

The share of used lubricants in industry has been on the increase worldwide for years. They are prepared using complex processes. This complex recycling process – also known as re-refining – involves a cycle that produces base oils suitable for industrial use. Oemeta has been using these basic materials since 2013.
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Two-component lubricant for machining

Compatible coolant/cleaner systems

The marketing of the HYCUT multifunctional oil system clearly demonstrates the sustainability potential offered by the use of mutually compatible component cleaner and coolant products. Since 2010, there has been a product family that makes it possible to recycle cooling lubricants into aqueous cleaners. This can significantly reduce the consumption of raw materials and the amount of waste produced.
Two-Component Metalworking Fluids
Cooling lubricants lubricate a workpiece

Biocide-free cooling lubricants

In 2005, Oemeta launched a new generation of completely biocide-free MWFs. This product family enables physiologically critical biocides to be dispensed with entirely, while still ensuring a long service life and stable operating condition of the MWF.
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Constituents of oil in a microscopic image


Oemeta launched a revolutionary multifunctional oil system in the mid-1990s. HYCUT is mineral oil-free and based on renewable raw materials. Its potential for multifunctional applications make it suitable for establishing an internal recycling economy. In this way, occupational safety and environmental protection, resource conservation, and also performance and cost optimisation can all be combined in a single concept. This has been impressively demonstrated by an exemplary Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) carried out for the production of car crankshafts.
Download study of Life-Cycle-Assessment (LCA)
CNC milling machine and cooling lubricant in use


At the beginning of the 1980s, Oemeta was the first manufacturer in the world to launch mineral-oil-free, water-miscible high-performance lubricants using base oils made from renewable raw materials. The result: significantly lower application concentrations when processing aluminium alloys and a lower environmental hazard due to biodegradable basic materials.
Water-miscible cooling lubricants

Easy-care cooling lubricants

In the mid-1970s, Oemeta launched boron-containing, low-maintenance MWFs onto the market. The result was significantly lower consumption of toxic biocides, longer product life and reduced volumes of waste.
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Oemeta’s product history shows that the company has always aspired to offer products and solutions that combine a high level of environmental and human compatibility with the greatest possible performance efficiency.

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