The Oemeta HYCUT and NOVAMET cooling lubricants for increased efficiency in automotive production.

For many years, Oemeta has been involved in the automotive production process and various process optimisations as well as efficiency improvements in the manufacture of future-oriented engines. In addition to the HYCUT product system, which solves interface problems of various fluids, the products of the NOVAMET range meet the very latest requirements in terms of freedom from FAD, boron and biocides and offer the lowest possible consumption due to good run-off and fluid stability.

The transformation of the automotive industry.

The automotive industry for individual travel, local public transport, transportation and heavy haulage is facing more acute sustainability and environmental demands than it ever has before.

Ever since the introduction of four-stroke operation for the internal combustion engine by Nikolaus August OTTO (1862), increasing energy efficiency has been the key issue of development work in the automotive industry. The focus has been on increasing the power and reducing the size of the engine so as to be able to make effective use of it in motor vehicles.


The magnesium motor and HYCUT.

In view of the energy crisis and modern-day environmental issues, the industry’s focus is now on even greater efficiency. The implementation of a magnesium motor can be seen as exemplary here since it offers considerable benefits over conventional motors in terms of weight. Machining this engine with water miscible cooling lubricants requires exceptional expertise and know-how as well as close cooperation between users and cooling lubricant manufacturers. It has been possible to ensure safe and efficient series production using Oemeta’s two-component cooling lubricant HYCUT.

Oemeta as an innovative MWF partner for mobility companies in transition.

Today, it is highly questionable whether automotive manufacturers without a capacity for agile transformation – whether OEMs or the entire supply chain – will be able to survive at all, in fact this seems impossible in the foreseeable future. The issue of energy recuperation and alternative drive systems is vital to the modern mobility structure.

Numerous new players are conquering the market.

In the early days, visionary forerunners of electric mobility (BMW I3/I8) were only affordable for an elite: it was not until Tesla took the market by storm that a development was set in motion to make electric mobility a valid alternative.

Numerous new players are entering the electric vehicle market, but component manufacturers are largely emerging from established suppliers that have undergone transformation. Further increasing quality demands in terms of surfaces and part accuracy require continuous improvement processes. Modern Oemeta cooling lubricants contribute to this success.


Increasing demands on the supply chain.

There are also increasing demands in terms of social, economic and ecological sustainability and compliance that OEMs are imposing on the entire supply chain.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility), CCF (Corporate Carbon Footprint), PCF (Product Carbon Footprint), LCA (Life Cycle Assessment), GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation); TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) – these terms and many others like them are common parlance at Oemeta.

Oemeta is the right partner for you because in addition to economic success, the issues of sustainability, occupational health and safety and compliance are among the key components of our DNA.


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