Promote sustainability with the powerful cleaners from Oemeta.

“Residual soiling response” could just about win the prize for the ugliest word in modern industrial production! Constantly increasing quality requirements for components lead to ever lower tolerances and more rigorous levels of cleanliness for surfaces.

Of course cleanliness depends on how you define it: Oemeta’s high-performance aqueous cleaners and technical service provide support for users both in complying with the given specifications as well as ensuring sustainable processes and an increase in efficiency.

Benefits of the cleaners

Our cleaners at a glance


Neutral cleaner

Specially designed for high-pressure cleaning applications on steel, iron, aluminium and zinc components.

  • Very good residual soiling value
  • Temporary corrosion protection
  • Foam free at temperatures > 20°C

Alkaline cleaner with strong degreasing properties

Perfect for steel, iron, aluminium and zinc components.

  • Spray and immersion application
  • Effective and low-impact cleaning
  • Foam free at temperatures > 45°C

This is just a selection from our range of products. For your individual questions or information requests concerning our products or safety data sheets, please send an e-mail to or request a quote via our contact form.

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