Oemeta cooling lubricants are used successfully in a wide range of industries.

A wide variety of cooling lubricants are in demand in machining production. When it comes to drilling, milling, turning and grinding, things get hot. Oemeta cooling lubricants ensure the necessary cooling – and they make sure every machine keeps running. Whether steel, aluminium, ceramics, glass or titanium: thanks to our industry experience, we are able to offer you the lubricants that meet your specific requirements and ensure greater productivity.

Production line of cars from a bird's eye view
Automobile manufacturing processes

Automotive industry

Large numbers of German and European car manufacturers produce engine and powertrain components using Oemeta’s tried-and-tested cooling lubricants. Proven track record: Oemeta HYCUT and NOVAMET
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Aircraft turbine close-up
Tested and approved


The aerospace industry places the very highest demands on components and materials. Oemeta supplies just the right high-performance cooling lubricants for the job. Proven track record: HYCUT and NOVAMET.
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Component of electric engine on a table
Alternative drive systems


Oemeta high-performance cooling lubricants and technologies provide optimum support for the demanding processes involved in producing the drive systems used for e-mobility. Proven track record: Oemeta NOVAMET and ESTRAMET.
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Close up of artificial hip joint
Metal, glass or ceramic processing

Medical technology

Leading medical technology companies rely on Oemeta for precise and eco-friendly processing of difficult-to-machine medical materials. Proven track record: oil-free and oil-containing products as well as cleaners.
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Please feel free to ask us about other areas of application.

Semiconductor and electrical industry

In the manufacture of electronics and semiconductors, it is vital to avoid contamination of the devices so as to ensure a high level of accuracy and durability. The wide-ranging Oemeta cooling lubricant portfolio is sure to include the right product for your application.

Glass processing

Whether optical lenses or ceramic hobs: in glass processing, grinding has to be as residue-free as possible. In addition, a high flushing capacity is required for effective removal of the micro-particles. Our oil-free cooling lubricants are the number one choice here. They leave no marks on the glass – and your product can be coated without any problems.

Mechanical engineering

In mechanical engineering, versatility and flexibility are crucial. This is because different metals are often processed in the production process – from steel and aluminium to brass and copper. The cooling lubricants used must have all-round capabilities that guarantee maximum performance in every material machining operation. That is why our products are designed for a wide range of applications.

Two-component lubricant sprays out of a nozzle
Multifunctional solution.

HYCUT for greater efficiency.

The HYCUT system is based on ester-based oils. These are compatible with each other and can be used as machining oils, cooling lubricants or cleaners.
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Water-miscible cooling lubricant sprays out of a nozzle
Top performance and economy.

ESTRAMET for alternative drive systems.

Very good run-off, a high degree of cleanliness, excellent performance and extended tool life – ESTRAMET delivers outstanding results.
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Cooling lubricants lubricate a workpiece
Completely without biocides.

NOVAMET for improved tool life.

NOVAMET products meet all requirements for freedom from FAD, boron and biocides. Due to good run-off and fluid stability, they ensure a low level of consumption.
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