Fast-acting primary defoamer

OePads is a fast-acting primary defoamer for use in oil-based and oil-free water-mixed cooling lubricants. Oemeta OePads are the simple and handy solution. The pads are perfectly dosed and packaged. Just put it in the tank. If there is more foam, up to three pods can be added to the tank at the same time. The water-soluble shell is biodegradable. It dissolves completely - without residues of microplastics. The foam is gone within a few minutes.

Features and Benefits

  • Innovative pad application
  • Water-soluble and biodegradable packaging film
  • Polyvinyl alcohol film does not lead to the formation of microplastics
  • Fast effectiveness prevents foam-related machine downtimes
  • No side-effect on the cutting fluid
  • Simple, clean, and safe to use


Recommended concentration (depending on application and conditions)

One OePad is sufficient for approx. 200 - 1000 litres of cooling lubricants. Before use, shake the OePad briefly to homogenize the antifoam agent. Place the product directly on the foam. The foil dissolves completely within minutes. A visible effect can take 10-15 minutes depending on the system.

Shelf life | Operating and storage conditions

6 months under ambient storage conditions.

Industrial health, safety and environmental protection

For more details about health and safety please read the information on the safety data sheet.


In compliance with the local waste regulations.

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