Oemeta UK specialises in all things coolant. As manufacturers, suppliers, and support services for these specialist fluids, their friendly team knows these products inside-out. They are inviting you, the users of coolant, to their stand at the MACH 2024 Exhibition in April to discover a solution to the different problems you experience with your cutting fluids – no matter how big or small.

Poor advice, changing material, increasingly complex processes, and lack of ownership in recent years have led to coolant-related issues being accepted, or at best, managed with the least impact by many end users.

The types of problems you may encounter with your coolants all depend on your unique circumstances and usage. Typical examples include smells, microbiology, foaming, dirty machines, residue, skin irritation, cost, consumption, sump life, corrosion, poor lubricity, and sludge – many of these issues stem from similar causes, but rest assured, these are all treatable – especially when you have backing from a company that specialises in these types of fluids, such as “The Coolant People” from Oemeta UK.

If any of these issues sound familiar, then Oemeta is on hand to help! The company’s focus for its stand at MACH 2024 is helping coolant users understand these common problems, paired with the solutions available to help resolve them. Along with striking graphics and props, the stand will feature a large video wall, an engaging touchscreen, and a journey through the simple stages Oemeta uses to match your machines to their ideal coolant.

Marketing Manager, Alyson Pettefer says, “We want to bring a fresh approach to how businesses and individuals think about coolant. Rather than offering a specific product before we know anything about a business and the way they use their coolant, instead, we look at providing a solution – this is something we do in the field and want to highlight this at the MACH exhibition too”.

Oemeta believes that by understanding the way a business uses coolant better, through learning what problems they face, they can build relationships and partner with them to tackle any coolant-related problem. Using this customer knowledge and its dedicated coolant laboratories, Oemeta can benchmark fluids, taking all the guesswork out of coolant selection. By putting in this type of investment from the beginning, Oemeta can then help its customers work smarter. With an outstanding aftercare offering in the form of service technician visits, employee training, and coolant monitoring options also available, Oemeta provides an all-encompassing package that customers can also benefit from.


We hope to see you at MACH, to register, please follow this link:



Stand & Contact Details

Oemeta UK Ltd, Stand 20-485

T: 01295 713280
E: infouk@oemeta.com
W: oemeta.com/uk


oemeta stand at the MACH 2024 exhibition