At the end of April, our General Manager Meeting took place once again – an event we always look forward to with great anticipation. Once a year, all the managing directors and representatives from Oemeta locations worldwide come together to discuss the market's challenges and opportunities.

This year's GMM was held in Munich. The discussions were extremely productive, with intense exchanges and overall very successful meeting days.

However, the event was not only significant for our corporate strategy; it was also a time of team building and strengthening our international relationships. Following the meeting, a surprise awaited all participants that thrilled everyone: a visit to the "Bavaria Filmstadt". There, we enjoyed a fascinating tour of the studios and famous film and television sets and had the chance to immerse ourselves in the world of film – colleagues took on various roles as actors and jointly filmed a short scene.

The result? A fun and unforgettable team event.
Below is a group photo of the participants and a video of our visit to the "Bavaria Filmstadt".

Oemeta GMM 2024 Group picture
Oemeta GMM 2024 Group picture

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