VKIS-VSI-IGM List of Substances for Metal Working Fluids

This list of substances is intended to support environmental and occupational health and safety compatible and process oriented handling of substances and preparations. It is complementary to the VKIS Data and Inspection sheets and points to the suppliers’ and users’ responsibility to comply with effective law, edicts and technical regulations.

This list of substances comprises specific requirements for the following preparations according DIN 51385:

  • Water miscible (wm) and watermixed (wg) coolants
  • Nonwater miscible (nw) coolants and analogously for
  • Additives, added to the coolant before and during its use. This includes e.g. defoamants, biocides (for pre and reconservation), disinfection cleaners, stabilizers, emulsifiers, corrosion inhibitor addons, high pressure addons.

In general metal working fluids contain several substances and are “mixtures” in terms of EG regulation on classification labeling and packaging of substances and mixtures 1272/2008. Hence EG safety data sheets for coolants must be made available. In addition to the classification and labeling the EG safety data sheet for the hazard assessment will contribute to an improvement of occupptional health and safety.

Particularly for small and midsize enterprises

  • the Technical Bulletin
  • the EG Safety Data Sheet and
  • the VKIS VSI IGM list of substances

will form the basis for occupational health and safety provisions. The respective departments of the Metal Working Fluid user plant should receive the a.m. datasheets with every new coolant sample. The new EG CLP regulation (Classification, Labeling & Packaging) for the implementation of GHS (Globally Harmonized System) has become effective on January 20th 2009. It must be applied for substances since December 1st 2010, for mixtures it will be mandatory from June 1st 2015. 

In GHS some threshold values for labeling and pictograms will be changed, R-phrases will be substituted by H phrases (H=”Hazard”) and S-phrases by P-phrases (P=”Precautionary”). Should during the transition period from December 1st 2010 until May 31st 2015 discrepancies arise in classification and labeling the information in the safety data sheet is relevant.

Recommended practice handling control is communicated by BGR/GUVR 143. Actuality of this list of substances is being audited by the working team VKIS/VSI/IGM with moderation by the department wood and metal (FBHM = Fachbereich Holz und Metall) of the German compulsory compensation insurance (DGUV = Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung) and the list will be revised if necessary.

From the 11th edition onward there is a current translation in English available. Decisive however are the contents of the version in German language.

The respective current version of the list can be found on: