Coolant Management – The individual modular system

Our service is tailored to your individual needs. Together we will develop a concept in which we select  suitable service components from a variety of options. This includes regular standards such as the weekly measurement of coolant condition parameters,  or one-time services such as machine cleanings and refillings.

Control and maintenance of coolants

  • Measurements according to the German TRGS 611 and DGUV 109-003
  • Controlling measures (e.g. adjusting concentration and refilling)
  • Maintenance of filter systems
  • Suctioning of cooling lubricant’s surface
  • Documentation of TRGS data and top-up quantities

Cooling lubricant change

  • Addition of system cleaner
  • Draining / suctioning of cooling lubricant system
  • Cleaning of the system
  • Refilling in nominal concentration

Fluid and oil service

  • Monitoring, control and documentation of process media
  • Filtration of oils
  • Carrying out oil changes
  • Suctioning and disposal of waste oil

Laboratory measurements

  • Sampling and shipment
  • Laboratory analysis according to defined operating parameters
  • Specialized analysis as required
  • Documentation, evaluation and recommendations for action

Basic cleaning of coolant systems

  • Suctioning works
  • Cleaning of container and interior space (with fresh emulsion)
  • Cleaning of cooling lubricant tank (with high-pressure device)
  • Spraying of chip conveyor
  • Corrosion protection for machine interior and cooling lubricant container

Logistics and disposal

  • Inventory and warehouse  management
  • Provision of peripheral devices (e.g. refractometer, mixing units)
  • Chip removal and in-house transport
  • Support for disposal of waste emulsions

This offer is available according to the region. Please contact your local sales representative for more information.