Cool for students – experience theory and practice at the same time.

Whether internship, dual study or final thesis – we are able to offer you fascinating insights into an innovative world of work. The great thing is that you get to: work independently on projects and go on deployments abroad. Everything is possible for students at Oemeta!

Dual degree programme

We cooperate with the private business college NORDAKADEMIE in Elmshorn. Depending on demand, we offer various training courses as part of a dual degree programme. We naturally cover the cost of study and the apprenticeship pay. It’s also possible to take a semester abroad. For full details of the degree programmes, see:


Internships are a great way to get an early taste of the world of work and immerse yourself in Oemeta’s diverse “world of coolants”.

Interested students have the opportunity to complete various internships with us.

Final theses

We love research, and we would be delighted if you chose to write your final thesis with us for your internship, bachelor’s degree, master’s degree or Diplom.

Feel free to get in touch with us!