The logyc software – the information and control tool for cooling lubricants and other industrial fluids.

The logyc software is the next step on the way to continuously improving machining processes. The cloud-based software manages all relevant data relating to cooling lubricants, neat cutting oil, washing media or other fluids used in machining. Measurement data can be entered centrally or via mobile devices, the status of the process fluids can be queried and any required service measures for the maintenance of all fluids can be planned. 

Identify weaknesses at a glance and optimise processes.

All product data and measured values are transferred directly on site or via Oemeta Service in logyc. Once supplied with basic data, the logyc software compares current measurement data with existing limit values, analyses the condition of the liquids and illustrates the results by means of graphic signals. Whether turning, milling, cutting, drilling or grinding: weak points in the system can be identified at a glance, allowing measures to be initiated for maintenance of the cooling lubricants and process media.

Individual use of the Oemeta logyc software.

As a user, you can of course use the logyc software to suit your individual needs in terms of fluid management. Depending on the available testing and analysis options in your own company and the degree of cooperation agreed on with Oemeta, you can use the cloud-based fluid management software logyc independently or supported by our Oemeta experts.

The benefits of the logyc software at a glance.

  • Flexible, cloud-based control tool for cooling lubricants and other fluids in metal-cutting production
  • Central or mobile access via PC, smartphone or tablet
  • Clear display of measurement results and fluid conditions
  • Easier interpretation of condition data and measured values
  • Simple management of tasks and documents
  • Direct communication channel with Oemeta on request

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