New neat, cutting and grinding oils


On the occassion of the trade fair METAV 2012 Oemeta announces new neat, cutting and grinding oils.

Stable processes, increased productivity and quality, and improved health
and safety and environmental protection – this is what coolants from Oemeta
stand for.

The neat oils from the OEMETOL® product familiy are based
on high-quality base oils and cutting-edge high-performance additives. They
are designed for demanding machining operations and are compatible with a
wide range of materials. Excellent lubricity ensures minimum tool wear and
high cutting speed. First-rate washing action guarantees cleaner parts and

The low-odour and low-emission products contain no zinc, heavy metals or
chlorine. This ensures that they are highly compatible with both people and
the environment.

OEMETOL® 600 HC is a high performance straight oil and is based on modern hydrocrack oils. The product is suitable for all prevalent machining processes.

OEMETOL® 650 B is a high performance broaching oil, based on mineral oils.
The product is characterized by an excellent pressure absorption capacity and lubrication performance.

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